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Intense Training

Every personal training session with our Award-winning Master Personal Trainer, Kim Reaves, a.k.a. PHIT4U is by appointment and schedule on a recurring basis. He establishes the foundation for the success of your fitness goals from day one. Every session includes a full-body workout, emotional support, education, accountability, awareness and expert client-centric fitness instruction and motivation.


PHIT Shop offers the following services:

Free Consultation will consist of verbal consultation discussing prospective client’s fitness goal(s), Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q), sales and fitness packages, and studio tour. (30-minutes).

Boxing Session



One on One

Personal Training is client-centric training to get you on the right track with effective functional fitness workouts at the client’s pace and the accountability you need to keep moving toward your fitness goal. PHIT Shop one-on-one personal training trains your muscles to help you perform everyday activities safely and efficiently, provides effective full body workouts, reduce risk of injury, and improve client’s quality of life. No training session is ever the same!

Professional Holistic Innovative Training (PHIT) sessions are challenging, creative, and designed to build your core stability. Especially beneficial for older adults to improve balance, agility, and muscle strength, and reduce the risk of falls. (One (1) Hour Sessions and 30-minute Sessions)

Small Group

Small Group Exercise (Ex) is a spin-off of Group Ex consisting of 2-10 clients. This service allows a small group of clients  (team, family, staff) to train together while keeping each other motivated during functional fitness training, boosting their overall performance, and creating an atmosphere of friendly/healthy competition as each client meets his/her individual fitness goals.  Additionally, Small Group Ex is offered at a more economical rate than one-on-one personal training. (One (1) Hour Sessions and 30-minute Sessions)


group x


PHIT Shop Personal Training Studio offers instructor lead group exercise workouts, which include strength training, core, and cardio. If you’ve never taken a group fitness class, then you’ve likely never experienced the many benefits, including extra motivation and friendly competition. Attending group exercise classes is a great way to stay in shape, reduce your stress and meet new people. 


PHIT Shop currently offers the Hypest HIIT Class (Just Us HIIT by PHIT4U & DJ Sound Boss) in the 757. 

Class attendance is first come, first serve with max participation of 25 personnel. Doors for group exercise training will open 15 minutes prior to start time of class. We encourage participants to arrive on-time or early. Class dates times, and fee will be posted on the adjacent PHIT Shop Calendar.

Be on the lookout for additional group ex classes with some of the Hottest Group Ex Giants in the Hampton Roads Area. One (1) Hour and 30-minute Group Ex Classes

Core Fitness
Group X
Lifting Weights



PHIT Shop offers specialized training and conditioning for athletes preparing for advanced, next-level, or professional competitions. This is a full-body workout appropriate for all fitness levels, but specifically designed to meet your specialized fitness goal, increase your athletic performance, and provide sustainable wellness. Work with our Master Personal Trainer one-on-one or as a group using a combination of weight training, balance control, speed drills and plyometrics. Your athletic performance will be sure to benefit from Professional Holistic Innovative Training (PHIT). Specialized Training offered by PHIT Shop are as follows:

  • Body Building Competition

  • Athletic Performance

  • Physical Rehabilitation

Special Training

roll & relax


Roll & Relax service uses a foam roller technique combined with pressure point therapy and restorative exercise to remove toxins from your body resetting your alignment. The foam roller paired exercises alleviates pain while increasing your range of motion allowing you to move more freely. 

This is an excellent session for athletes, people who feel stiff or anyone looking for deep muscle release. Roll and Relax alleviates soreness, reduces inflammation that occurs during the muscle repair process, aids in muscle repair recovery, helps injury prevention by maintaining muscle length and remedying tension and tightness, increases blood flow and elasticity of muscle tissue, joints, and fascia — the body’s connective tissue — which helps with mobility, overall well-being, and a smoother appearance of fat underneath your skin, promotes relaxation.

PHIT Shop recommends Roll & Relax before your workout to wake up the joints and muscles as well as post-workout to prevent soreness. Let the PHIT Shop roll out the issues in your tissues with our Roll and Relax service!


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Roll and Relax
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